The Club


Ultimate watersports station

  • Free huge Public parking area
  • Free Public toilets
  • Free Dressing Room
  • Free Public showers
  • Free Photo shooting & Video services to our customers
  • Rescue boat service
  • Real time weather station
  • Socialization
  • Greek traditional taverna, 50 meters far away
  • 2 minute from the Angelochori village
  • Angelochori Lagoon bird watching  in only 2 minutes
  • 5 khm Public health center far away from Michaniona village
  • 20 minutes from  the airport by car
  • 25 khm from the city of Thessaloniki

About us
Our Philosophy

Wild, natural and beautiful, Active Sport Club have many things in common. They share the eternal teen spirit of a culture that doesn’t get old and they both carry the promise of a magical world that will permit you to discover something new about yourself.

A lifetime experience
Active Sport Club respects and functions under the philosophy of sustainability and of an alternative touristic approach . We focus on empowering the training of our guest-student, in order to get the most of a lifetime’s experience. Fun, affordable and safe learning, is, and always will be, a high priority for our certified surfing professors and collaborators.

Symeon Nalmpantoglou is a sailing coach , specialized in Windsurf , from the Greek General Secretarial of Sports .He also graduated from the German School ‘WORLD WINDSURF SXHOOL B/II- Lizenz and obtained a degree in International Windsurf Instructor – Manager for Inland and Coastal Waters in Garmisch Partenkirchen in Bavaria , and gained the right to issue International Diplomas . He is certified in Sports Sciences as Athletic Pedagogic Specialist & Psychology. He is also a BSUPA SUP Instructor .

Where are we?
Angelochori is a traditional fishing village 30 km from the centre of the city of Thessaloniki ( SKG ) in the municipal unit of Michaniona and is an oasis for relaxing in crystal clear and refreshing waters with an exquisite view of the city of Thessaloniki and the imposing Mt Olympos massif.
Due to the extraordinary local thermal wind phenomenon, Angelochori has become a famous windsurfing & Kitesurf destination. But it has managed to retain its unspoilt charm with chilled taverna, cafe and bar lining the picturesque harbor.
Active sport club is just a 5 minute walk along the beach road from the village and a half hour transfer from Macedonia airport.
After going in for a swim, a visit to the Lighthouse with the spectacular sunset and the Fortifications is an unforgettable experience. You must also not omit to visit the lagoon with the rare birds and the salt marshes. It is accessible by car and public transport. There are hotels at a close distance in the surrounding region for accommodation. Natural resources of incomparable beauty, picturesque small taverns, crystal clear waters, dreamy sunsets and the warm hospitality of the people turn guests into fanatic fans of the region.

The Angelochori Lagoon or Megalo Emvolo natural wetlands have an area of 377 hectares has vegetation corresponding to Epanomi but the habitats are fewer because of increased salinity due to its proximity to the of salt marshes and the smaller area of the wetlands. It primarily consists of annual plants while the plant species that predominate mainly belong to the Chenopodiaceae,
Gramineae and Compositae families.
178 different species of birds have been recorded out of which 48 are protected species (flamingo –cormorant). However, in relation to the rest of the fauna, there are many species of mammals, amphibians and reptiles living here.